Digital Transformation for Workforce System Leaders Certificate (WITSC 2)

Digital Transformation for Workforce System Leaders Certificate (WITSC 2)


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In today’s digital age where technology is embedded into every aspect of our society and the pace of change is accelerating at exponential rates, the need for digital transformation in public services is urgent. Digital transformation requires the integration of digital-era practices, information, and technology into all areas of public administration and service— fundamentally changing how an organization or system operates and delivers value. It brings together individuals and organizations to innovate and interact in ways not otherwise possible. Through digital transformation, the workforce system can serve customers with the speed and scale today's problems, opportunities, and solutions require.

Audience: This training is designed for leaders across the workforce system and professionals in the ecosystem with interest or responsibility to learn more about and take on digital transformation.

Learning Objectives: This online certificate is a growing collection of curated learning to build capacity for digital transformation in the workforce system. The training helps learners:

  • Realize the urgent need for digital transformation to meet emerging needs 
  • Build a shared vision and set the course for digital transformation
  • Leverage data, technology, and partnerships to generate new, more equitable and effective ways of doing business 
  • Create customer-centric strategies that maximize organizational and system capacity and relationships to transform the customer experience 
  • Implement, oversee, and evaluate transformational solutions

Earning a Certificate: This certificate includes multiple lessons that can be taken individually or as a whole program of study. Learners can earn a certificate by completing all lessons in the program of study. Lessons will be added on a rolling basis as they become available. Check back for updates and to learn more about additional learning opportunities aligned to this curriculum.

Course Provider Workforce ITSC Academy (WITSC)

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